D15 - Dodda Maggý

15 January - 21 February 2010


Lucy is a video and music installation by Dodda Maggý (1981), the 15th artist to exhibit in the D-gallery project. In Lucy the artist explores the idea of the “acousmetre,” a film character portrayed only by voice, never in body, omniscient and ubiquitous. Dodda Maggý graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts and earned an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and a second MFA from Nordic Sound Art, a joint-study program of major Nordic art faculties. Curated by Yean Fee Quay.

Thursday 28 January 8 p.m.
Hafnarhús  –  D-15
Artist Talk by Dodda Maggý.

LUCY (2009)


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Dodda Maggý, Lucy

Dodda Maggý, Lucy


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