Listasafn Islands

Faster and Slower Lines - From the Collection of Pétur Arason and Ragna Róbertsdóttir

22 September 2011 - 1 January 2012


Since ancient times man has draws a line. A line is drawn in the sand, onto skin, onto soft cave walls. The line is marked by a finger, smoke, plants, animal hairs, coals, graphite, ink and blades, for different reasons and attitudes towards the meaning of the action and the drawing itself.
The exhibition explores the extensive element of the drawing through a selection of two- and three dimensional works by fifty Icelandic and international artists. The works all belong to the private art collection of husband and wife Pétur Arason and Ragna Róbertsdóttir.  The exhibition takes its title from a work presented in the exhibition by Icelandic artist Kristján Guðmundsson, from 1976. The works in the exhibition span the period from 1955 to 2011.
Curator is Birta Guðjónsdóttir.



Sunday 25 September 3 p.m.
Hafnarhús – Faster and Slower Lines
Gallery talk with curator Birta Guðjónsdóttir and Pétur Arason, collector.

Sunday 13. November 3 p.m.
Hafnarhús – Faster and Slower Lines
Artist’s talk with Ingólfur Arnarson.

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