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D21 Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir

22 September - 20 November 2011


Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir's experimental works are often based on games, which in turn are based on rules and the rules are of course systems. In games however, rules are never perfect, someone may cheat and sometimes the system itself doesn't make any sense. Thus the flaws and eccentricities of these systems become a fundamental part of Birgisdóttir´s artworks. Birgisdóttir graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2003 and has been active on many fronts in the intervening years. She has exhibited her work at home and abroad as well as taking on different assignments as an editor, a curator and a manager of cultural institutions.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 03.41.2015