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D projects - 2007



A series of projects by young Icelandic artists will be featured in the D-Gallery of Hafnarhus.

D is a series of exhibitions at Hafnarhus, drawing its name from one of the building's galleries. It is intended as an ongoing project, by which the Reykjavik Museum hopes to draw attention to the work of promising artists who have not had prior private exhibitions in Iceland's major museums. All the artists will be creating new work for the space. The museum will publish an annual catalogue reviewing each year's shows. Curated by Reykjavik Museum staff.

D1 Birta Gudjonsdottir
2 February - 18 March 2007
In her installations and photographic works, Birta Gudjonsdottir explores the boundaries between a picture and a copy of a picture. She earned her master of arts degree in Amsterdam in 2004. Curated by Olof K. Sigurdardottir. 
D2Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar
23 March - 29 April 2007
Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar (b. 1977) makes use of diverse media and her installations often integrate other art forms such as literature and music into the visual arts. Curated by Thorbjorg Br. Gunnarsdottir.

D3 Sigurdur Gudjonsson
10 May - 17 June 2007
Sigurdur Gudjonsson (b. 1975) shapes his art with the eye of a camera man, the passion of a musician, and the cleverness of a storyteller. The current exhibition will include a new film and sound installation. Curated by Yean Fee Quay.
D4 Daniel Björnsson
21 June - 19 August 2007 
Daníel Björnsson (b. 1974) took his BA degree in visual arts at the Iceland Academy of teh Arts in 2002 and has since been an active exhibitor in Iceland and abroad. In recent years he has contributed to the vigorous work of young artists in Reykjavik, both as a performer and a moving force in association with the gallery Kling & Bang. Curated by Ólöf K Sigurdardóttir.
D5 Jóhannes Atli Hinriksson
31 August - 21 October 2007
Jóhannes Atli Hinriksson (b. 1975) has distinguished himself with dramatic and sometimes zany installations constructed from rough, low-cost materials with most rudimentary craft. Jóhannes Atli Hinriksson earned his B.A. degree from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2000 and MFA degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2005. Curated by Hafthor Yngvason.

D6 Karlotta Blöndal
2 November 2007 - 6 January 2008
Karlotta Blöndal is a young and emerging artist whose works are based on the observation of identity, using installation, drawing and writing. She works both in Iceland and in Sweden where she completed her graduate studies and is an influential figure among young artists in both places.

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