Listasafn Islands

NINE - Comics Festival

12. March - 24. April 2005


The Comic Strip, or the 9th medium of visual arts, is the subject of the exhibition NINE. In this Comics Festival the works of dozens of Icelandic, Scandinavian and North-American comic strip authors and visual artists are brought together, posing more questions than they can answer. In addition to the Gisp! group and other Icelandic artists in this medium, the Scandinavian artists from Optimal Press and the Canadians from Drawn & Quarterly the authour of Maus, Art Spiegelman, and the English artist Dave McKean are presented in depth. Last but not least the works of Erró will be exhibited in light of their relationship with international comic strips.

Curator: Bjarni Hinriksson.


Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 03.27.2015