Orn Thorsteinsson - Sculptures

17. May - 15. June 2003


Orn Thorsteinsson is a sculptor in the original of the word, as he chisels works of art from the stones of nature. Through traditional stone cutting one can say that the artist is releasing what is hidden within the material; where you had before the uneven surface of nature you discover forms, figures and magical worlds, pictures cut from within the stone.

In this exhibition there is a number of sculptures that Örn has been creating from Icelandic rock in the past few years. The largest works are made of Icelandic dolerite from Skagafjörður, where the beaten boulders from the shoreline have become figures, forms and animals from the fantasy world of the imagination. Smaller sculptures catch an equally powerful world of wonderful phenomena and animals, that hold the viewer spellbound. 

An introduction by Eirikur Thorlaksson

An article by Armann Hoskuldsson geologist

Orn Thorsteinsson - CV

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Orn Thorsteinsson

Orn Thorsteinsson


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