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Kino Club – Tatsu Aoki. Hafnarhús, Thursday 4 March at 8 p.m.

Tatsu Aoki

The Kino Club‘s programme at Reykjavik Art Museum next Thursday is dedicated to the film director and musician Tatsu Aoki. Aoki has made over 30 films and four of them will be screened on Thursday: Puzzle III, 2001  (16mm. 22 min. silent), Decades Passed, 2003 (16mm. 25 min. sound), Harmony, 1991(16mm. 10 min. sound) and Solution A, 1991 (super8, 25 min. silent).

Tatsu Aoki
Aoki was born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan into an artisan family called TOYOAKI MOTO, traditionally categorized as OKIYA; a booking and training agent for Geisha in downtown Tokyo.  Aoki received the important essence of traditional Tokyo Geisha cultural training and studies at age 4, and became a part of the performing crew in early childhood. As his biological father was a movie producer at Shin Toho Studio, he also began working in small gage cinema and started to produce experimental films.

He studied experimental filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently an adjunct Associate Professor at the Film, Video and New Media Department, and teaches film production and history courses. He has made many experimental short films.  As much as his musical activities, Tatsu Aoki’s films are shown internationally. His super 8 diary films and experimental films with optical printing has always been the main attraction of his screenings around the world.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 05.18.2015