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Reykjavik Art Museum open hours during Easter

The Museum will be closed on Friday 2 April and Sunday 4 April.
Hafnarhús Thursday 1 April 8 p.m.
Experimental film screening in cooperation with Kino Club.

Thursday.  1st April 10-22
Friday.      2nd April Closed
Saturday.  3rd April 10-17
Sunday.    4th April Closed
Monday.   5th April 10-17

Thursday.  1st April 10-17
Friday.      2nd April Closed
Saturday.  3rd April 10-17
Sunday.    4th April Closed
Monday.   5th April 10-17

Thursday.  1st April Closed
Friday.      2nd April Closed
Saturday.  3rd April 13-16
Sunday.    4th April Closed
Monday.   5th April 13-16

Entrance is free

Exhibition in Hafnarhús:
28 May 2009 – 29 August 2010
Erró – Portraits
The exhibition presents portraits and character descriptions of well-known individuals in the fields of science, politics, literature and the arts. A richly illustrated companion book is available.

18 March – 23 May
Erró – Women from North Africa
Young Algerian women are the central theme of Erró’s series of paintings Women from North Africa. Erró makes use of images from old postcards featuring models believed to have been prostitutes, posed in front of soldiers' cameras in despite of their culture and tradition.

14 January – 11 April
Vivid colours and spontaneous structure characterize the paintings of the young Icelandic artists exhibited here.

25. febrúar - 11. apríl
D-16 – Katrín Elvarsdóttir
Katrín Elvarsdóttir (1964) has been using camera as her main tool to communicate her artistic viewpoints. For D-16, Katrín has selected photo images of caravans, shrubs, trees, buildings, or lanes, and she calls the exhibition Nowhere Land (Hvergiland).

Exhibiton in Kjarvalsstaðir:

30 January – 25 April
Kjarval – Insights: Warrior Maidens and Ships of Fancy
The drawings and sketches in the Reykjavík Art Museum’s Kjarval collection number in the thousands. In recent months Reykjavík Art Museum has been making these works available in digital form to facilitate research on Kjarval’s oeuvre and a closer examination of specific subjects in his work.

13 February – 25 April
Watery Hues: A Survey of Icelandic Watercolours
More than fifty artists display nearly two hundred works in water colour in the exhibition Watery Hues.  The exhibition is the first of its kind, spanning the 130-year history of water colour painting in Iceland, from 1880 – 2009.

Exhibition in Ásmundarsafn:
2 May 2009 – 30 April 2010
Rhyme – Works by Ásmundur Sveinsson and Contemporary Artists
The sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson often found his subject material in the heritage and age that had shaped him, but at other times he looked forward toward the future, technology, and science. This exhibition showcases contemporary artists wrestling with Ásmundur’s subjects in the context of a new century and zeitgeist. Though presentation, thinking, and process may differ, the struggle remains the same. 

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