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Indian Highway and D17 – Magnús Helgason. Thursday 9 September 5 p.m.

INDIAN HIGHWAY — Contemporary Indian Video Art
The overall theme of the exhibition, Indian Highway, involves reflections on the road’s significance for movement, development, and migration, the road as the crucial link between town and country. The title also refers to technology, to the information superhighway that has made a central contribution to India’s economic boom—and to the artistic development evident in India over the course of recent decades. The works presented at the exhibition address global issues such as democracy, the environment, religion, race, gender, and class.

The first Indian Highway exhibition opened at the Serpentine Gallery in London at the end of 2008, and then in 2009 at Astrup Fearnley Musuem of Modern Art in Oslo. The curators of the exhibition, Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, directors at Serpentine Gallery, and Gunnar B. Kvaran, director of Astrup Fearnley Museum, selected artists who have already made an impact on the international art scene alongside artists that are less familiar to Western audiences. They intend the exhibition to provide insights into a vibrant generation of artists who work across established boundaries within artistic media, spanning the range from painting, photography, and sculpture to installation, online art, and video. The curators also intend the exhibition to travel to other cities, not necessary as the original Indian Highway, but as a collaborative effort with each hosting museum. Currently, a modified version of Indian Highway is showing at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (closing September 12, 2010.) After its run in Herning, the exhibition will tour, with the range of destinations including Delhi, India.

Opening on September 9, 2010 Indian Highway at the Reykjavík Art Museum will focus on video works that were created by 25 contemporary artists and one artist group. In fact, the curators of the exhibition selected ten artists and invited the artist group and one of the artists to be curators of “exhibition within the exhibition,” thus spicing the video exhibition with insider’s views and opinions about today’s India.

Featuring artists:
Ayisha Abraham, Ravi Agarwal , Shilpa Gupta, Subodh Gupta,  Abhishek Hazra,  Amar Kanwar, Raqs Media Collective, Tejal Shah, Kiran Subbaiah, Ashok Sukumaran, Nikhil Chopra, Baptist Coelho, Sunil Gupta, Tushar Joag, Sonia Khurana, Nalini Malani, Kiran Subbaiah, Vivan Sundaram, Debkamal Ganguly, Ruchir Joshi, Kavita Pai / Hansa Thapliyal, MR Rajan Raghavan, Priya Sen, Raqs Media Collective, Surabhi Sharma (with Siddharth Gautam Singh) and Vipin Vijay.

D17–Magnús Helgason
Works that are pleasing to the eye and go straight to the heart of the spectator are predominant in the mind of the artist Magnús Helgason. Magnús is the seventeenth artist to exhibit in the D-Gallery of Hafnarhús. His works are made up of a line of events which he slightly adjusts for the sake of the exposition. Magnús Helgason graduated from AKI, Akademie voor beeldende kunst in Enchede in Holland in 2001. He has headed courses at LHÍ, exhibited his paintings and created several shows to the music of known music artists.
Curated by Yean Fee Quay.

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