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Freya Björg Olafsson at Sequences. Hafnarhús Thursday 7 April 8 pm and Friday 8 april 3 pm

Freya Björg OlafssonSequences 2011 in collaboration with Reykjavik Art Museum introduces AVATAR by Canadian artist Freya Björg Olafsson. Olfasson is an interdisciplinary / dance artist who works with video, audio, painting and performances and her creations have been presented and exhibited nationally in Canada as well as internationally. As performer and creator, Freya blends 6 years classical training in the Professional Program of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet with the contemporary facility achieved through her completion of a B.A. degree in dance from Winnipeg’s School of Contemporary Dancers in affiliation with the University of Winnipeg. She combines her finesse in movement with the directness of her performance art, video and theory studies.
AVATAR explores methods of creating, validating and disseminating one’s identity through the use of technology and the Internet. The work is inspired by the mantra “I post therefore I am”, whereby Internet power users legitimize their existence by documenting their lives and uploading this media to personal webpages and blogs. AVATAR facilitates an inquiry into what encourages us to share and publicize our lives. Nothing is hidden as the work devel¬ops, Freya moves intimately through software, opening and closing files on her personal computer and interacting with the built-in camera. The performance inherently becomes a duet with technology as in AVATAR Freya makes use of live video feeds and projections to magnify, manipulate and effectively broadcast persona and image.

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Sequences Art Festival is an annual independently run festival, established in Reykjavík in 2006. Its aim is to produce and present progressive visual art with a special emphasis on time-based art, such as performance, sonic works, video art, art in public space, and to create a crossplatform for these art forms. Sequences 2011 will present a spectrum of performances, happenings, discussions and lectures.

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