Listasafn Islands

Dream Wanderer. Hafnarhús, Thursday 19 January 8 p.m.

Designer Katrín Ólína has worked with the idea of the dream for most of her carrier. In this first lecture of the year organized by the Icelandic Design Centre, Reykjavik Art Museum and the Iceland Academy of the Arts Katrín Ólína will talk about her work from the Dream wanderer´s perspective, which is according to the designer a wanderer within that constantly roams the worlds of the subconscious. He wanders freely and is held back by neither obstacles nor bad weather. He climbs mountains and steep stairways, sails up heavy streams or dives down to the bottom of the deepest seas. He is no stranger to dark cellars nor to sparkling castles. He is inclined to flying and when a vehicle is not at hand he builds his own wings and takes to the skies.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 06.05.2015