Listasafn Islands

Gallery Talk on Tàpies- Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir and Kristinn Már Pálmason. Kjarvalsstaðir, Sunday 25 March 3 p.m.

Artists Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir and Kristinn Már Pálmason participate in a gallery talk on the work of Catalan artist Antoni Tàpies (1923–2012).

The exhibition Image, Body, Pathos currently on view at Kjarvalsstaðir shows paintings from more than seven decades of the impressive creative oeuvre of the artist. Born in Barcelona in 1923, Tàpies had a distinct influence on European painting in the second half of the 20th century. 

When the artist passed away earlier this year at age 88, he was hailed as "the last great artist of the 20th century." The claim is based on the decisive influence of his “material paintings” on the development of contemporary art. His use of sand, cement, paste, granite dust and found objects of every-day use has inspired generations of artists and changed the way they think about painting.

The talk takes place in Icelandic.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 05.06.2015