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Cartoonist, Hugleikur Dagsson on The Artwork of the week

Hugleikur Dagsson cartoonist discusses his selection for the The Artwork of the week on Thursday the 28th February at 12:15. The event is held in relation to Zoom Out – Salon exhibition from the collection currently on show at Reykjavik Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir.

This unusual exhibition gives visitors a rare opportunity to see the Reykjavik Art Museum’s vast collection of Icelandic art. Artworks in a variety of media are shown in a constantly changing display over almost four month period. The exhibition hall will be in state of a perpetual flux, as art handlers constantly install new works and remove others, even as visitors roam through the gallery space. This is an opportunity to get an unedited view of Icelandic art, for everything will be brought out of storage and displayed without curatorial pre-selection.

Program for The Artwork of the week:

Thursday 7 March, 12:15
Hrefna Sætran chef

Thursday 14 March, 12:15
Steinnunn Sigurðardóttir fashion designer

Thursday 21 March, 12:15
Andri Snær Magnason writer

Thursday 4 April, 12:15
Einar Bárðarson director of Visit Reykjavík

The talk takes place in Icelandic

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 07.15.2015