Listasafn Islands

Two exhibitions will be opened on Saturday 25 May at 4 p.m.: Huginn Þór Arason and Andrea Maack: Interval / Theresa Himmer: All State

The exhibition Interval opens on Saturday 25 May at 4 p.m. At the heart of the exhibition Interval is a fragrance intended to embody the essence of a museum of the distant future. Maack and Arason present this fragrance as a three-dimensional and architectural experience, a period-room installation which remains flexible in form in order to acknowledge the elusive, atmospheric, and temporal qualities of scent.

The featured fragrance, a one-off scent developed specifically for the exhibition at Hafnarhús, is a perfumer’s interpretation of the artists’ concept, rendered as an olfactory experience. The scent in turn has guided Maack and Arason in determining the nature of the installation.
Interval, Maack and Arason’s first collaboration, builds on Maack’s background as a visual artist working with scent and on Arason’s interest in transforming the role of exhibition space. Here Maack and Arason conceive of the gallery as a setting within which the audience can actively experience the fragrance and the loose series of subjective interpretations contributing to its development and presentation. Unlike the typical period room, Maack and Arason’s “period room of the future” is offered not as an authoritative stylistic exemplar but as a highly personal interpretation of the values and tastes of another era. Nor is their period room a hermetically sealed time capsule. As this interior of the future becomes an active interior of the present, the artists pose the riddle of what it means to engage in rituals within anarchic time and space.

Curator: Shauna Laurel Jones

The exhibition is a part of the programme of the Reykjavik Arts Festival 2013.

Theresa Himmer: All State


A site-responsive sound installation, All State was made specifically for the elevator at Art in General, New York, where it was shown in 2012. All State is a 6-hour-long composition of rhythmically playful arrangements. Using the machinery’s repetitive movement and existing sounds as a starting point, All State intensifies a space that already elicits a heightened sensitivity; the work suspends the viewer between objective and manipulated space.



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