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Alexander Rodchenko and the Kjarval Complete 2 opened at Kjarvalsstaðir on 5 October

The exhibition, Revolution in Photography by Alexander Rodchenko will be opened at the Reykjavík Art Museum’s Kjarvalsstaðir site 5 October 5 at 4 p.m . The exhibition is a retrospective of Rodchenko´s works, who was one of the leading Russian avant-garde artists. At the same time the exhibition Kjarval Complete 2 – The Banks‘ Collections will be opened at Kjarvalsstaðir. The exhibition is one aspect of the Reykjavík Art Museum‘s intention to provide as comprehensive a view as possible of Kjarval‘s oeuvre. 

Alexander Rodchenko Stairs, 1930.

It is a great honour for Reykjavík Art Museum to display the exhibition of Rodchenko’s work, which has been shown in many countries around the world in the past few years. No-one with an interest in art, political history, photography or graphic art should miss this unique chance to experience Rodchenko’s work. The exhibition is from the collection of the Moscow House of Photography Museum/ Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. The curator of the exhibition is Olga Sviblova, one of the best known curators of Russia and the producer is Ragnheiður Kristín Pálsdóttir.

This exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of an important milestone in Icelandic-Russian relations: in 2013, seventy years have passed since the two countries established diplomatic relations on 4 October 1943, nearly a year before the modern Republic of Iceland was formally established on 17 June 1944.

Born in St. Petersburg in 1891, Rodchenko worked in Moscow as an artist and designer from 1915. He used different media in his art: starting out as a painter and sculptor, he moved on to photography in 1925.  He was a pioneer in photography and graphic design, designing book covers, posters and advertisements in collaboration with Varvara Stepanova, his wife and closest colleague.

Jóhannes S. Kjarval, Hvítasunnudagur, 1917

The exhibition Kjarval Complete 2 – The Banks‘ Collections provides an unprecedented opportunity to see the Icelandic banks‘ entire Kjarval collections in one place. Over the years Icelandic banks have purchased and conserved many works by Icelandic artists, and they own large collections of art works by Jóhannes S. Kjarval, one of Iceland’s leading artists of the 20th century. The paintings normally hang in meeting rooms and public halls of bank branches all over Iceland but at this exhibition the general public can see all those works at Kjarvalsstaðir.  The exhibition is one aspect of the Reykjavík Art Museum‘s intention to provide as comprehensive a view as possible of Kjarval‘s oeuvre. The museum has displayed all of its own Kjarval works at the exhibition Kjarval Complete, which stood from December 2012 until May 2013. On this occasion the spotlight is on Kjarval‘s art owned by Icelandic Banks. These include many masterpieces never before seen publically exhibitions. The works are hung in the spirit of the salon, covering the walls of the galleries from floor to ceiling.


Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 30.32.2015