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A mural by Theresa Himmer is to be unveiled in Breiðholt on 26. October at 2 p.m.

The Reykjavík Art Museum invites Breiðholt residents and other Reykjavík people to the formally unveiling of the mural Concrete Manifestation by Theresa Himmer on the apartment building Jórufell 2-12 in Breiðholt on Saturday 26 October at 14:00.  The work will be unveiled by Reykjavík Mayor Jón Gnarr; the idea for the mural project arose from the Mayor’s interest in giving the people of the city opportunities to enjoy art in their daily lives.

Earlier this year the Executive City Council approved the Mayor’s proposal, which included the following: “Works of art in public spaces can have a highly beneficial effect upon the environment –  beautifying it, sparking debate, and nurturing public interest in visual art.”

A decision was made to commission two large works of art for the end walls of large apartment buildings in the Upper Breiðholt suburb. The Reykjavík Art Museum, which supervises the project, held a closed competition to choose artists to participate. The selection committee comprised representatives of the Breiðholt district committee, the Better Breiðholt residents’ association, the Breiðholt youth committee, Reykjavík Social Housing, the Asparfell residents’ association, and the Reykjavík Art Museum acquisitions committee.
The selection committee chose Sara Riel and Theresa Himmer to make the murals. Both have extensive experience of similar projects in Iceland and abroad, and have displayed expertise in the organisation and creation of such works.

During the summer Sara Riel worked on her mural for Asparfell 2-12, which will be completed next spring. Theresa Himmer has been working in recent weeks on her piece on the wall of Jórufell 2-12, which is now to be unveiled. She photographed pieces of concrete hidden beneath the wall siding, using a microscope, then printed the images on the exterior of the walls using a technique similar to silk-screen printing. Enlarged, the concrete fragments become purely abstract images: they could represent meteors, gravel or planets.
The unveiling ceremony will be followed by music and light refreshments.


Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 01.16.2015