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The following list includes catalogues and books that are in English.
They are available for sale at the Hafnarhus, Kjarvalsstadir and The Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum shops.
This list is not complete but further information on every item will be published with time.


Perspectives - On the Borders of Art and PhilosophyPerspectives - On the Borders of Art and Philosophy
Perspectives is a collection of eight essays on the complex relationship between visual art and philosophy. All the authors are accustomed to applying philosophical thought in their writings on art. Here they approach philosophy from art´s viewpoint, by examining artworks specially selected for an exhibition of the same name at the Reykjavik Art Museum. Philosopher Jean – Luc Nancy has written a new essay for this volume.  Pages 144.  Published by Reykjavik Art Museum 2011.





Sýning sýningana50 years of Icelandic art at the Venice Biennale
There is no exhibition like the Venice Bienniale. When it last took place, in 2009, some 77 nations put their reputation on the line to present what they considered their most significant new contribution to contemporary art. Additional 100 artists were selected by the bienniale curator to show their work in a vast international exhibition. Invariably, the event sparks an intense debate about the latest trends in art. This is the place to see what is happening, to take stock and compare notes. Text both in Icelandic and English. Pages 144.  Published by Reykjavik Art Museum 2011



This book has been released in connection with a group exhibition featuring the work of the ten artists who have received a grant from the Guðmunda S. Kristinsdóttir Arts Fund. The first grant was awarded at the opening of the Reykjavík Art Festival in 1998.The fund was established by Erró with the revenue from the sale of an apartment at Freyjugata 34, which Erró inherited from his aunt Guðmunda. Every year a female artist is chosen for her contribution to the visual arts that year, and she receives a grant to support her artistic work. The award has been conceived as recognition and encouragement for further achievement in art. Text both in Icelandic and English. Published by Reykjavik Art Museum 2009



One motive for this exhibition is to acknowledge a vigorous interest in painting among the younger generation of Icelandic artists in a time that may seem to be dominated by post-studio production of installation, sound art and video. Although the artists have all, on occasion, incorporated various media in their exhibitions, either directly in their own work or through collaboration, the emphasis here is on their paintings. All of the artists have pursued painting as an independent form of creation and, in most instances, as their primary artistic medium. Text both in Icelandic and English. Published by Reykjavik Art Museum 2010

Erró MannlýsingarErró - Portait
The catalogue is a joint project by Reykjavik Art Museum and Opna Publishing. It was published to celebrate Erró's priceless donation  to the city of Reykjavik twenty years ago.  Editor is Danielle Kvaran who has also written a detailed introduction and choose the footage. Mrs. Kvaran also sought material from various authors, local and international who write about individual works by Erró. The catalogue is in hard cover and 160 pages. A vast number of coulour printed images decorates the catalogue. The designer of the book and the cover is Björn Valdimarsson in Næst.


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