Listasafn Islands

Publications, 1976 - 1989

Erró - catalogo generale
Erro - catalogo generalo
Published by: Pre-art.
Pictures are in black and white. Artists biography in English/Italian/French.
230 Pages. Published:1976

Erró 1974-1986Erro 1974-1986 - catalogue géneral
Published by: Fernand Hazan.
Pictures are in black and white. Includes essay by Jean-Jacques Lebel. Artists biography in French/English. 240 Pages. Published: 1986

Kristján guðmundssonKristjan Gudmundsson Teikningar/Drawings 1972-1988
Includes essay by Gunnar B. Kvaran. Artists biography. All text is both in Icelandic and English.
62 Pages. Published: 1989
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SUMSum 1965-1972
A book about the artists which participated in the Icelandic SUM group. Includes interviews with artists and articles by Gunnar B. Kvaran. Text in Icelandic, summary in English. 174 pages. Published:1989
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