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Publications 2008 - 2009

The following list includes catalogues and books that are in English.
They are available for sale at the Hafnarhus, Kjarvalsstadir and The Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum shops.
This list is not complete but further information on every item will be published with time.

In the last few years, largely because of the pioneering work of RS&A, there has been a great surge of interest in chess among artists. Inspired by the work of their 20th century predecessors, many of the most prominent artists of the 21st century have brought new artistic ideas to the game. This book, which is published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Reykjavík Art Museum, Kjarvalsstadir (24 January—13 April, 2009), seeks to account for some of these new ideas. Text both in Icelandic and English. 143 pages.

A Catalogue, documenting the Experiment Marathon Reykjavík together with previous marathons and with textual contributions by Bruno Latour and others. Published by the Reykjavík Art Museum and London’s Serpentine Gallery. 2008 All text in English

Bragi ÁsgeirssonBragi Asgeisson
Visual Symphony – The art of Bragi Ásgeirsson for 60 years. All text in Icelandic.
Published by OPNA and Reykjavik Art Museum, 2008

D-SalurD :::
At the beginning of 2007, the museum
therefore introduced a new series of exhibitions
intended to give promising young artists an opportunity
to take the next step in their careers with one-person
exhibitions. A special gallery, referred to simply as “D”,
was set aside for the series. Text both in Icelandic and English
Published by: Reykjavik Art Museum 2008


This is the first exhibition that explores the place of the sublime in Icelandic visual arts.
Text both in Icelandic and english. 94 pages.
Published by: Reykjavik Art Museum 2008. Text both in Icelandic and English.

Erró Í tímaröðErro
Chonology - his life and art.
The book is stichly illustrated with 800 photos of Erro´s works and scenes from his life and pursuits.
Published by Edda and Reykjavik Art Museum, 2008. The work is available in Icelandic, English and French.

Roni HornRoni Horn
My Oz
Published by Reykjavik Art Museum 2007

Sigurður GuðmundssonSigurdur Gudmundsson
Published by: Forlagid and Reykjavik Art Museum 2008

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