Preface Eirikur Thorlaksson

In all its variety photography has been one of the most important mediums of the visual arts for more than a hundred years. In the 19th and 20th century there were many to proclaim that photography would replace painting and other art forms, but this did not come to pass. As an art medium, photography has still found more acceptance through the civilized world than anyone could have anticipated in the beginning.

Russia has an important history in photography going back beyond the middle of the 19th century, and we can probably learn more about the development of the land and the nation through this medium than any other.

This exhibition of Russian photography has come to the Reykjavík Art Museum as the second part of a joint project between the Museum and Moscow House of Photography. Last winter it hosted an exhibition of Icelandic photography, where the collection of older works came from the department of photography of the National Museum in Iceland, but the new works were selected by an exhibition committee.

It is a great occasion to host such an exhibition in Iceland, and this confirms the importance of good relations between nations, which offer opportunities to learn about the culture and daily life in faraway places through art, that is not limited by any boundaries.

I especially want to thank Ms. Olga Sviblova, Director of Moscow House of Photography, and her staff for our cooperation in the preparation of the exhibition. It is my hope that our guests will enjoy the splendid overview of Russian photography, that can be seen here.

Eiríkur Þorláksson,



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