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Alternative North

ALTERNATIVE NORTH - A Symposium on Contemporary Nordic Art

The two-day symposium brought together an international group of curators, art writers and programme directors to discuss and debate the state of contemporary art in the Nordic countries.

The symposium concentrated on the emerging and alternative art scene, with special attention to venues for experimental art and critical discussion. The weekend program did consist of presentations and panel discussions on specific topics, such as new developments in each country, similarities and differences, common opportunities and separate emphasises, unity and disparate regionalisms.

The symposium was organized by the Reykjavik Art Museum ( in cooperation with the Living Art Museum (, the Centre for Icelandic Art (, and the Nordic House in Reykjavik ( and is presented in conjunction with Ting, The Nordic Arts Festival of the Nordic Council’s 62nd Session.

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Opening Remarks and Reception (27:16)





Dorothee Kirch, Director, Centre for Icelandic Art, Reykjavik, Iceland (23:58).
Marita Muukkonen, Curator, Helsinki International Artist-in-Residence, Helsinki, Finland (25:30).
Anette Østerby, Director, The Danish Arts Agency’s Visual Arts Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark (35:24).
Cecilia Widenheim, Director, Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Program (Iaspis), Stockholm, Sweden (24:52).
Marianne Zamecznik, independent curator, Norway (32:42).
Moderator: Karlotta Blöndal, artist.

“Nordic” Collaboration?


Jonas Ekeberg, Editor, Kunstkritikk, Oslo, Norway (23:29). Part 2 (29:09).
Bergljót Jónsdóttir, Director, Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, Finland (23:54).
Maria Lind, Curator and critic, Sweden (26:29). Part 2 (26:00).
Moderator: Ólafur Gíslason, artist





Aspects of Contemporary Art in Scandinavia

Judith Schwarzbart, independent curator, Copenhagen, Denmark (38:51).
Aura Seikkula, independent curator and researcher, Helsinki, Finland (15:06)
Markús Þór Andrésson, independent curator and writer, Reykjavik, Iceland (36:35).
Moderator: Hanna Styrmisdóttir, independent curator and writer, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Alternative spaces, alternative to what?

Henriette Bretton-Meyer, Director, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Denmark (28:25).
Birta Guðjónsdóttir, Director, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland (24:20).
Mats Stjernstedt, Director, Index-The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden (47:16).
Moderator: Jón Proppé, independent curator and writer, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Closing reception at Kling & Bang gallery

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