Listasafn Islands

The Multi-purpose Hall is suitable for meetings, lectures, conferences, receptions, product launches, film festivals etc.

• It is possible to arrange for Guests to enjoy the exhibitions taking place at
   the Museum, with or without guidance in Icelandic or English. This needs
   to be arranged in advance.
• The Art Museum is responsible for cleaning the facilities before and after events.


• Floor area 100 m².
• Ceiling height 7 meters.
• During the Museums closing hours the size of the Multi-purpose Hall can be
   increased by opening large doors.

• In seating rows, 80 guests.
• Seated at tables, 50 guests.
• Standing, 150 guests.


For further details contact:

Björg Atladóttir
Phone: +354 590 1200

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 05.01.2015