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West hall

The West hall at Kjarvalsstaðir is suitable for meetings, concerts and small receptions.

• It is possible to arrange for guests to enjoy the exhibitions taking place at the Museum, with or without guidance in Icelandic or English. This needs to be arranged in advance.
• The Art Museum is responsible for cleaning the facilities before and after events.

• Floor area 123 m².

• Seated in rows, 100 guests.
• Standing, 150 guests.

• Audio system for speeches.
• Microphones
• Portable speakers on stands.
• 75 Chairs.
• Table microphones, 6 pcs.
• Tables, 8 pcs without cloth.
• Speech desk.
• Speech desk for tables.
• Projector
• 4 pallets can be hired, sizes 1.25 x 2.00 m, along with steps and draping’s. Hirer must arrange for their transport, to and from the museum.

For further information contact:
Björg Atladóttir
Phone: +354 590 1200

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 02.47.2015