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Special Reservations for Groups
A visit to the Reykjavík Art Museum offers various ways to experience the musem, for education and study. The Reykjavik Art Museum is operated at three Reykjavík locations, Kjarvalsstaðir at Flókagata, the Ásmundur Sveinsson Art Musem at Sigtún and Hafnarhús in Tryggvagata. It is possible to reserve guided tours for various groups, e.g. associations, companies or informal social groups and the visit is tailored, as far as possible, to individual needs. The price is kr. 30000 ISK per group. At Kjarvalstaðir it is possible to negotiate a special price for refreshments.

Guided Tours for Children and Grown-ups
Special guided tours are available for children and adults. These guided tours enhance understanding of and interest in the arts through play. These guided tours are on offer at all our museums but they need to be reserved well in advance. The group is assigned projects to complete and a museum teacher works meaningfully with the group. This presents an excellent opportunity for parent-teacher associations from elementary schools to have a constructive and fun time with their children or for unconventional children's birthdays. It is possible to tailor the guided tour to the needs of each group as far as possible and within the limits of the museum's ability so that the exhibits or other museum guests are not placed at risk. Groups are received on weekdays as well as weekends but the minimum number is fifteen children, the maximum twenty-five. A playtime and a guided tour cost kr. 26,500.

Guided Tours for Senior Citizens on Weekdays
Free guided tours of the museums for senior citizens are available on all weekdays during opening hours. The guided tours need to be specially booked and well in advance.

Free guided tours for the disabled are available on weekdays during museum opening hours. At the Ásmundur Sveinsson Art Musem guided tours for the blind are available and guests have the opportunity to experience the exhibits by touching them with gloves. Guided tours for the deaf are also available. All further information is available at the educational department at the Reykjavik Art Museum. The guided tours must be specially reserved well in advance. Please not that all further information is available at the educational department all weekdays from 8:30 and 16. Tel: 590 1200. E-mail: freadsludeild@reykjavik.is.




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